The L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora

A seminar for training teachers about the Holocaust

Cabinet of Jewish History and Culture

Location:Kyiv, Ukraine
Name of implementing organization:Institute of Jewish Studies
Date of initial project approval:November 2003

Brief description of the local Jewish community

The regeneration of the Jewish community in Ukraine began in the end of 1987-- after a 70-year interval. At the present time, Jewish life is conducted in more than 80 cities by nearly 250 organizations and communities which are united under 3 structures: Va'ad of Ukraine, Jewish Council of Ukraine, and the Union of Jewish Religious Communities of Ukraine. Many organizations and communities participate in the activities of all three of these structures.

The Jewish community of Ukraine numbers today nearly 550,000 Jews and their families as members, in more than 130 cities (this estimation is given accordingly to Israel's  "Law of Return"). During the last five years, about 200,000 Jews have emigrated from Ukraine (to Israel – 110,000; to the USA - 70,000). The total number of Jews who emigrated since 1989 is more than 300,000 (to Israel - more than 170,000; to the USA - more than 100,000). The natural decrease in the Jewish population in Ukraine for this period approached 50,000, due to the death-rate exceeding the birth-rate.

The main achievement of the Jewish community of Ukraine during the past five years was creation of a permanent working professional communal structure in all  fields of Jewish life: social welfare and education, culture and religion, Jewish Studies, work with youth, repatriation, and preservation of the Jewish heritage, etc.

Project aims and objectives

To develop educational materials on Jewish History and Culture

Project Description

This project is developing six CD’s on various topics of Jewish History and Culture. These databases will incorporate resource materials from Jewish research organizations, archives and museums. The project will be developed by a team of historians, researchers in Jewish Literature and Tradition, and educators.

The CD’s will contain texts, photographs and portraits. A CD will be devoted to each of the following topics:  The History of East European Jewry;  the Dreyfus Case and the Beilis Case; The History of Zionism; The History of the Holocaust; The Movement for Repatriation; and the History of Jewish Literature.

The project also includes two educational exhibitions per year on the premises of the reconstructed “Galizki” synagogue, the location of the Midrasha Tzionit (Pincus Fund Project No. 483).

Main budget elements

  • Preparation of 6 CD’s per year
  • Preparation of Educational Exhibitions
  • Teacher training sessions

The project's successes

The project was begun in January 2004.

Contact information for anyone seeking further information about the project:

Leonid Finberg
Kurska str.6, 03049, Kyiv, Ukraine]

Telephone/fax: 38-044-248-89-17