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Guide to the Study of Talmud

Location:Paris, France
Name of implementing organization:Centre Hebraique D'Etude et de Reflexion (C.H.E.R.)
Date of initial project approval:October 2004

Brief description of the local Jewish community

The Jewish community of France numbers approximately 500,000. It is served by a well-developed network of Jewish institutions.  The  Centre Hebraique d'Etude et du Reflexion (CHER) includes a yeshiva program in Paris which was founded in 1996 at the initiative of Rav Gerard Zyzek and Mr. Raphael Bloch. The Yeshiva offers a broad range of courses at all levels, and accommodates both full-time and part-time students, many of whom are scientists and intellectuals from a wide range of religious backgrounds. 10 students learn there full-time. Up to 50 people attend a weekly class taught by Rav Zyzek, Director of the Yeshiva. The Yeshiva also publishes a journal, "Pilpoul", once or twice each year. Study groups have used its articles on a regular basis.

Project aims and objectives

To publish a guide reflecting CHER's original techniques for studying Talmud

Project Description

This project enabled Rav Zyzek to put his approach to Jewish study into writing. It facilitated publication of  a guide book in French which demonstrates and utilizes this approach. The book is intended primarily for his current and former students, and  as both a tool and a guide for others who wish to study Talmud by themselves. It is accessible to those with limited knowledge of Jewish Studies, who desire to study Jewish texts.  Rav Zyzek's approach to study is demonstrated through the use of texts from the Talmud, and from other sources.
The project includes publication of 2,000 copies of the book.

Main budget elements

Rav Zyzek's salary
Publishing costs

The project's successes

Le Desir des Desirs:  Le Talmud -- Nouvelles Perspectives

2,000 copies were published in June, 2011.

Difficulties encountered along the way

It took 7 years to complete the writing of this book.

Contact information for anyone seeking further information about the project:

Rav Gerard Zyzek
10 rue Cadet, 75009 Paris, France

Telephone/fax: 33 (0) 1 48 00 81 71