Valuable links for those interested in the world of Jewish Education

Jeducation World – Jeducation World is a platform created by the Pincus Fund in partnership with eJewish Philanthropy to provide news and thought pieces on Jewish Education throughout the world.

eJewish Philanthropy – eJewish Philanthropy is a popular online publisher and facilitator of resource mobilization serving the professional Jewish community.

ELI Talks – A project of the Avi Chai Foundation, ELI Talks are professionally produced expert talks focusing on important topics in the Jewish world.

Peoplehood Education Toolkit – A comprehensive resource for Jewish educators and communal leaders interested in questions of Jewish collective belonging, global community and mutual responsibility.

The Westbury Group – The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education is proud to be a member of this network of over 20 foundations dedicated to enhancing Jewish life throughout Europe.